High-quality animal fat for biofuel, feed and pet food, fertiliser and soap and shampoo.

Sustainable biofuel production thanks to high-quality fat from mixed animal byproduct sources. Processed directly into fossil diesel and paraffin.

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Biofuel, green kerosene and biodiesel by high quality animal fat

High-quality animal fat for biofuel, feed and pet food, fertiliser and soap and shampoo.

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From animal food and feed to biofuel, all without harmful additives.

What does PROGRA do?

We process (exclusively) raw porcine materials. The result is high-quality liquid fat repurposed for alternative fuel, soap and shampoo. In addition, the processed animal protein (PAP) with its high nutritional content serves as feed and pet food and fertilizer.

Our innovative production process, including hexane treatment, results in a fat and PAP with higher nutrient content than that of our competitors.

What characterises our products?

  • no additives or antioxidants;
  • longer shelf life;
  • higher nutritional content;
  • no hindrance with warm climate transport.

What is PAP?

  • Processes Animal Protein;
  • an excellent source of animal protein;
  • a source of calcium and phosphorus, ideal for pet food an excellent quality soil and crop enricher.

Clear as gold, high quality

The rich golden colour of our product  indicates quality and immediately catches the eye. Due to many factors including our unique process and hexane treatment and strict quality and safety standards for both ourselves and our suppliers, we succeed in making products that leave behind less residual fat than the industry standard. The result?

You get a product with great added value.


You can count on the nutrient content being much higher than the industry norm.


You considerably reduce the likelihood of bacteria and mould growth.


You can be sure that the products have a much longer shelf life. Our products remain fresher longer and can be stored longer.



No additives necessary for prolonged transport because our products keep better, for longer.

Lower residual fat

Fewer additives = less oxidation and mould formation = ideal for transport in summer weather conditions

No additives

Fewer additives = higher concentrations of calcium, phosphorus and nitrogen = beneficial for animals and soil


Circular revaluation of raw materials (bones) to green energy and nutrient-rich feed and pet food

Ecological footprint

Animal proteins and liquid fat with a low ecological footprint, free of harmful heavy metals and monocalcium phosphate

Round the clock

our 24/7 service ensures that supplied bones and fat are always processed within 24 hours for the freshest possible product

A to Z

Everything under one single management, from production to transport and logistics, and quality control in our own lab

Sustainable growth thanks to sustainable fats

PROGRA focuses on the respectful processing of raw materials into high-quality products. Our products are of such a high grade that additives are not needed. Additives are used to increase shelf-life but are harmful substances that damage the environment, animals and humans alike (think of antioxidants, heavy metals and monocalcium phosphate, for example)

The attention to our role in a circular economy is necessary because our products are repurposed within the chain. They form a basis for alternative fuels and are an ingredient in animal and crop nutrition. By nature, animal proteins are a sustainable product, and have a small ecological footprint in processing. Moreover, they deliver nutrients to animals and soil.

This is how PROGRA contributes to the European renewable energy initiatives, which set a minimum of 3.5% alternative fuel usage by 2030, including biofuel based on animal by-products.

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Quality leads to success

PROGRA manages everything under one roof, including transport and logistics under ARNO. At PROGRA, processing and production are held to the strictest of European Regulation (EU/142/2011) and is ISCC certified. Our in-house laboratory monitors samples of every batch, overseeing health and safety.

Quality and innovation are at the heart of PROGRA. We choose not to add harmful antioxidants in order to prolong shelf life. Instead, we set the highest quality standards for the raw materials that are our products, which is why we have elevated phosphorus and calcium contents. This has wonderful results, for example, chickens fed with PROGRA feed are healthier and lay eggs both at a younger age and for longer than those fed with other feed.

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Global Market

(mainly Belgium, Europe and Asia) Thanks to lower residual fat levels it is ideal for long distance transport, and to hot and humid climates


Everything under own management

(production, control, logistics, transport) to maintain our own quality standards.

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