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Animal bone meal for pet food and animal feed

PAP with essential nutrients

PAP not only contains animal proteins but also calcium and phosphorus, essential nutrients for pet food and animal feed.

The beautiful golden color of our PAP indicates top quality. In addition, PROGRA processed animal protein contains less residual fat than the standard norm. So you get the most out of your investment, you are guaranteed too:

  • Less germs and mildew;
  • porcine bone meal with a shelf life of up to two years;
  • transport without extra cooling.

Better yield for shrimp, chickens, pigs and pets

With PROGRA food and feed, your animals will be healthier. Higher phosphorus and calcium content in feed made with our pork bone meal allows young chickens to lay eggs at an earlier stage, while older chickens will produce eggs for a longer period of time.

Aquafeed based on PROGRA PAP reduces shrimp and fish mortality rates because of its lack of antioxidants. These additives are found in other bone meal products because it lengthens shelf life.

Pet food for dogs and cats made from our MBM is full of animal protein, calcium, phosphorus and other essential nutrients. The result? Happy, healthy pets wagging their tails!

Are you aware that thanks to the small ecological footprint, locally sourced and processed animal proteins can provide a quarter of European feed?

Did you know that our teams work around the clock? The result: every European order is delivered quickly.

Did you know that we manage all activities under one roof? From transport and logistics, to quality management (we even check samples in our own laboratory).

Healthy for growth and development

Chickens, eggs, shrimp, pigs, fish… they all deserve high quality food. After all, well-fed animals are the healthiest. This is important for their own growth and development, but you must also be sure that animals used for human consumption have optimal health. Thanks to PROGRA MBM you promote health for the whole food chain.

Why PROGRA PAP for your feed?
  • PAP without the added antioxidants— ethoxyquin used in other fishmeal products to increase shelf life— reduces shrimp and fish mortality rates
  • PAP for aqua feed and chicken feed with easily digestible proteins, calcium, phosphorus, fats and micro-nutrients
  • PAP produced from safe, veterinarian controlled category 3 material. PROGRA adheres to the strictest quality standards
  • PAP can be used as circular pig feed because pigs are suitable as omnivores for purely vegetable feed.
  • Our PAP keeps the animals healthy and happy thanks to its proteins, calcium, phosphorus, fats and micro-nutrients.

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