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Biofuel from high quality animal fat

Our animal fat for your sustainable biofuel

Biochemical companies count on PROGRA for processing pork products into high-quality animal fat that is used as raw material for biofuel, paraffin and fossil diesel. In the case of biofuel of vegetable origin this is impossible.

Use our category 3 animal fat as an ingredient for…

  • biofuel for energy producers
  • created with a sustainable production process from animal byproducts, which creates a circular economy (from snout to tail), from local markets which therefore has a much smaller ecological footprint than palm and rapeseed oil which ship from asia requires considerably less land use than its vegetable based counterparts
  • biofuel as a result of a production process that is not only sustainable but also fully circular (from snout to tail);
  • not only biofuel, but also shampoo and soap.

Animal fat = lower ecological footprint than vegetable oils = no harmful heavy metals or monocalcium phosphate

24/7 processing = guarantees of the freshest possible product = smooth handling of urgent or large orders

In-house production + transport + logistics + quality management = assurance of consistent quality

Thanks to PROGRA fat you do golden business

We process mixed animal waste streams from slaughterhouses into fat that stands out with its beautifully rich golden colour. Top-quality fat ultimately leads to top-class biodiesel and paraffin. And to golden things for you.

Why is this ideal for you?
  • The product has a neutral and natural aroma
  • The production of biodiesel does not release unpleasant odours
  • At room temperature, the grease retains a firm structure
  • The product has a 6 month shelf life
  • We collect, transport and process in accordance with European Regulation EC/1774/2002


Our products