Sustainable animal fat and PAP for biofuel, oleochemistry, shampoo, soap and detergents

Responsible for sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of PROGA. We take full responsibility to play a leading role in the circular economy. Because we do not want to deplete finite resources of raw materials, we resolutely choose to produce residues for repurposing in the circular system, especially for biofuel, oleochemicals, shampoo, soap and detergents.

You can count on us to use advanced processing techniques that are innovative yet strictly controlled in order to produce only the best quality nutrients. We play an ecological role in both animals and soil. The result is high-quality raw materials which, when processed further down the chain, also belong perfectly in the hands of end consumer products.

Vision and mission:

  • No waste;
  • Efficient as possible processing of animal byproducts to create high-quality raw materials;
  • Fresher longer;
  • No harmful additives.

Smaller ecological footprint

In the production of biofuels, oleochemicals, shampoos, soaps and detergents, the ecological footprint of animal-based raw materials is considerably smaller than that of its vegetable-base counterparts. We repurpose bones instead of letting them go to waste, which, unfortunately, still happens all too often. Furthermore, less land is required for the cultivation of farm animals than for the cultivation of crops.

Raw materials from PROGRA made for the production of biofuel, oleochemistry, shampoo, soap and detergents have many serious benefits:

  • not harmful to soil or animals (other raw materials often contain heavy metals or other toxic additives);
  • produced with the smallest ecological footprint possible;
  • has a much lower percentage of residual fat and therefore a longer shelf life;
  • contains high levels of nutrients (protein, phosphorus, calcium, nitrogen, etc.) for use in food.

Process responsibly

PROGRA celebrates an ecologically responsible and sustainable policy which is why we keep  our ecological footprint in processing activities as small as possible.

We continuously invest and innovate in order to prevent odour pollution in all areas, from processing to end product. Thanks to our high-performance water purification plant, we are able to reuse most residual water in a fully purified form. This approach ensures that we keep our energy consumption at a minimum and wastewater is almost nonexistent.