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Processed animal protein as a basis of fertiliser

Nutritious fertiliser yields better crops

PROGRA’s processed animal protein differs from other flours in that it contains less residual fat. Our PAP with its rich golden colour and high nutrient content of calcium, nitrogen and phosphorus makes for a perfect raw material in fertilisers. The result? An increased yield in a harvest of healthier crops.

  • Pathogens and mould are considerably reduced;
  • One year shelf life for pig bone meal made for use in fertiliser production;
  • No additional cooling required during transport.

Circular economics is of great importance to PROGRA. Better fertiliser is the result of our better base products, which in turn leads to better crop quality.

PROGRA delivers professional service 24/7. No matter how large or urgent your assignment, we are able to carry it out.

Our raw materials enrich your fertiliser in all respects. We also handle logistics and quality management, we sample every batch, so you can always be sure of high level quality and on-time delivery.

Why choose PROGRA PAP?

  • Our processed animal protein is an essential for fertiliser used in organic farming and specialised horticulture. Processed animal protein meets all current fertiliser requirements.
  • Our processed animal protein is of animal origin and goes back into the ground as a fertiliser, completely circular.
  • Our processed animal protein has been treated with hexane which results in significantly less residual fat. As a result, our fertiliser keeps longer and contains higher concentrations of calcium, phosphorus and nitrogen.