Quality is what sets us apart

Biofuel, green kerosene and biodiesel from high-quality animal fat

in-house Laboratory 

We regularly test our rendered fat for soap and shampoo products in our own on-site laboratory. PAP for pet food, animal feed and fertiliser is continuously monitored by specialists. This enables us to:

  • evaluate the results immediately
  • have quicker response time than if control were done in various labs
  • take immediate action and make any adjustments necessary

Tracking to the smallest detail

Our lab staff samples every batch. After the samples are coded, they are kept for six months to enable quick responses in traceability. The lab technicians check visually and aromatically for colour, odour and consistency and measure fat and free fatty acid content.

Customers receive a delivery note stating the weight of the load on departure, as well as the ID number of the driver and truck, the code of the samples taken and the batch number of the complete load.

ARNO has all the necessary certificates in the field of transport:

  • Transport licence 23508 for international transport of goods, valid until 05/04/2021 ;
  • Approval Flemish Region (OVAM) 10833/1-109 as collector and transporter of animal waste cat. 3, valid until 21/11/2027;
  • Approval Walloon Region OWD/ARNOPROVG1/16/17926/CT/AN as a collector and transporter of animal waste cat. 3 valid until 29/07/2021 ;
  • Approval Brussels Region (IBGE) ENR/DA-C/001000229 as collector of animal waste cat. 3 valid indefinitely ;
  • Approval Brussels Region (IBGE) ENR/DA-T/001363506 as transporter of animal waste cat. 3, valid indefinitely ;
  • Operator Approval FAVV OP0080 as trader in feed materials, valid indefinitely ;
  • Approval FCA 04-226 for trading and transporting feed materials, valid until 24/11/2022 ;
  • Approval ACS G001-008 for the Auto-control system valid until 24/11/2022.