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High-quality animal fat for use in soap and shampoo.

Animal fat as a basic raw material for soap products

Increasingly, animal fat is regarded as a fully-fledged basic raw material for companies in the oleochemical industry. They are looking for renewable raw materials that they can chemically process into all kinds of products such as soap, lubricants, candles, cosmetics, glycerine and so on.

Mineral oils are finite in quantity; fats of animal origin are not: they are renewable and therefore in accordance to the initiatives set out to fight climate change. At PROGRA, you can be sure of high-quality animal fat, perfectly suitable for the production of a wide range of products.

Animal fat is of animal origin = ecological footprint is lower than with oils = it contains no harmful heavy metals or monocalcium phosphate

Constant production = 24/7 activity in our factory = guarantees a fresh and beautiful golden raw material = we treat your urgent or large orders with a smile.

From production over transport, logistics to quality management = we keep everything under our own control, guaranteeing top quality.

Why choose our animal fat for your oleochemical company?

  • has a neutral and natural aroma
  • does not release annoying odours during the production of semi-finished products
  • is a solid at room temperature
  • has a shelf life of 6 months.
  • is produced and transported in accordance European Regulation EC/1774/2002

Soap and Shampoo

Our Products